Exactly 100 days

In a bit of good news, it seems that Freddy Kruger has been hiding inside of this clutch

Six of eight pipped as of this morning, hope to see the last couple also looking like the victims of a slasher film when I get home


Kukri (Oligodon) snakes? Freaking awesome! Congrats. Those are flawless looking at 100 days,
/me tips hat

Yep. O. purpurascens. These came from my import mainland brown female bred to my Tioman Island red male. Interested to see how the babies come out as no one has ever bred the two types together before

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Awesome project, I love it. Some of those slashes are silly, never seen anything like it.

Slightly off topic but can you explain this incubator setup you’ve got going on?

Like I said - Freddy Kruger LOL

These are colubrids so I do not use an incubator for them, just set the egg box up high and then forget about it for a few months.

The egg box has a layer of aquatic plant soil in the bottom that I have soaked overnight. I like APS over perlite because I find it holds moisture better and releases it more slowly. The APS also changes colour as it dries so you can actually see if you need to add more moisture. I set the eggs on a piece of light diffuser, just to give them a bit more air circulation, but you can put them directly on the APS if you like. I put damp sphagnum on either side to act as a second source of moisture/humidity. It also tends to harbour springtails, which can be beneficial in helping with mould if it pops up.


I like the fact that you can articulate the reasons you chose the APS medium over perlite. There’s so many ways to cook an egg, seems like people really get hung up on the minutiae of implementation and forget to ask themselves questions “Why do I do it this way? What is this in service of?” — those are questions that you have asked and answered for yourself, when it comes to bringing eggs to term. 100 days, that has to feel good. Ive hatched as many eggs on a shelf as I have in any incubator. This year I converted a 40 gallon aquarium, since I have a bunch of them laying around, into a colubrid incubator. I did it for the sake of predictability more than anything, and it has a very consistent temp, so it worked out. I might try your media set-up, I’ve never seen one quite like it.

@t_h_wyman — Thanks so much!