ExoTerra Fixture with plain LED bulb?

Hey! I was just wondering if anyone had any information. I keep plain garden snails in my dorm, and they don’t need any additional heat other that what is provided by my room. They are currently in a 5-gallon fish tank with a built-in LED light lid, which is nice for illuminating the tank in the morning and evening. However, I am going to move them to a 20-gallon with a wire top soon, which doesn’t have a built in lamp.
Back home with my reptile supplies I have an ExoTerra compact lighting fixture that would work really well with the tank. However, like I said, the snails don’t need more heat, so I was thinking of using another LED bulb. I’m not sure if that would work though?
Would an LED bulb safely work with this fixture? Or should I spend the extra money and get a low-heat UVB bulb?

There are LED fixtures that fit to ExoTerras, just get one of those and you should be set

Thank you!! I am a broke college student, so I was trying to find a way to use what I have on hand, but you’re probably right. I’ll see if I can find one second hand :slight_smile:

If the one you have safely/comfortably fits the Exo then go ahead and use that. I would just avoid anything that requires cutting/screwing/sawing/wire splicing…