Facebook, people,.... sales!

I’m not entirely sure, hence I’m asking:

Why is it you guys reckon: That Facebook users, historically used to the “fact” that Facebook was their only ever sales-platform: are SO UTTERLY RELUCTANT to accept the fact that Morph Market is a far superior option for them? :thinking:

I really just don’t get it.

These people invent group after group to “escape” professionals hunting them. Facebook is paying people… to shut down animal sales groups!!! THAT in inself must create some kind of impact, surely!!!

Why is it that difficult to prom

ote your projects on Facebook,… but stay away from “Price”, “Pricelists” or “is it available”,…let alone using the PM function? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

My hunch is: these people can’t be seriously interested in the animal at hand, as otherwise… well: I’d question their IQ or mental health situation. :crazy_face::wink:


One of Facebook’s end goals is to be peoples’ gateway to the internet. If you look at all the things they have done, past, present, and future, you will see things like newsfeed, messaging, marketplace, jobs, and yes, an attempt at their own CURRENCY. Even this site allows you to log in via FB.

They want to be the “Prodigy” or “AOL” of today and be the sole method of peoples’ access to the internet. Everything the person does passes through their gate so that the appropriate data can be harvested. If you read up on Zuck’s plan to provide free internet to the planet via satellite, you can see how he thinks he could pull this off.

I believe that Facebook has more or less achieved this on millions of users, including many of those people involved in the reptile business. We are accustomed to conducting business on FB because it is just another thing that we did on that platform. Old habits die hard, and while I agree that MM is 1000 times better, the reality is that many people choose to keep themselves chained up to FB regardless of their ever-changing policies. They will continue to keep these groups on life support because its what they are used to, rather than evolve with the rest of the industry.

The absolute best thing we can all do for the industry is to stop using FB (at least for sales) and use MM. FB is quickly becoming the lowest common denominator of our society online.


I tried sales on FB. I didn’t do well at all. Lots of questions, no sales. When Morphmarket came along, I thought it was a great idea. I still do. I sell all or almost all of my babies each year on Morphmarket, exclusively. Kingsnake and Fauna are old technology. Morphmarket is only getting better. Better embrace it before it passes you by


I’ve relegated my Facebook to just friends. And by friends, I mean just people I went to school with. Which is why I only have 27. And my real friends already know who they are, and we don’t need Facebook to confirm it. I use Instagram to follow other breeders, and they follow me. And for safety sake, we still conduct anything business related thru DM’s.


Same. I have a list of people with fake accounts that they use for shady stuff. Some of which are considered “legit” sellers.

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I haven’t had a FaceBook since 2005, when it was just for college students. I’ve been selling on Fauna and Kingsnake for years, but I only just started selling on Morph Market. I’ve been extremely happy with the response my animals have gotten and I’ve made a lot of sales. I have also noticed that customers who inquire on Morph Market are more likely to actually buy than on the other sites I use. I couldn’t tell you how many Kingsnake inquiries I get that go nowhere.


I don’t even attempt to sell anything on Facebook anymore. It has turned so toxic, and negative I don’t even want to waste my time. I thoroughly enjoy the topics and threads on here. It isn’t a free for all team death match on here. No egos on here that I’ve seen. Very helpful members. It’s a whole new level of networking that is Actually working. Facebook just pains me lol.


I have also been impressed with the respectfulness and friendliness that I am seeing in the Morph Market community. Absolutely no drama or name-calling.


I use facebook only for name recognition and to connect my other products with the target public. Soon to start selling a very few Ball Pythons on MorphMarket and look forward to what it has to offer.

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The issue I see with facebook sales is that while it may have open the door for new customers it has also open the door for scammers.

Now some sellers that may not be scammers are cheap and are not willing to pay to make sales and that’s ok but sad because there are a few things they are missing such as the professional look of a MM store and the fact that with such a market place the prices are more consistent which helps keep a strong market (everyone benefit from that) but yes it takes money to make money and they just don’t get that (generally those are the same people that will quit in a few years blaming it on market saturation and market crashing etc in other words making excuses for their failure)

Now is facebook still a good tool to promote your project or animals, yes in some ways, having a professional page and posting and specific groups to show off what you are working on helps but it does not mean you need to post ads in those groups jst post what you are excited about and leave the sale’s pitch where it belongs, market places.


That infact must have to do with locaction!!! We here in Europe obviously use the same MM, but 99% of the time: these “requests” are an utter waste of time. This however has nothing to do with the platform, but with the people…

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I do understand Facebook’s reason for banning sales. If they open sales to legit sellers, it also opens the door to scammers, and the best way to try to stop it is just stop sales altogether. I’m sure they realize its hurting legit sellers. But its the only way they know to stop it. As easy as it is to make new profiles, they can’t exactly screen every profile for scammer possibilities. But, also, on a whole, Facebook is still a pain.

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…kind of like chopping heads off, to avoid headaches. :thinking::v:

I believe that FaceBook’s decision to ban live animal sales has nothing to do with protecting the community from scammers and everything to do with pressure from animal rights groups.


If that was the case, I don’t think Facebook would continue to allow sales of any kind. I agree with @westridge that Facebook’s ban on the sale of animals is simply them caving in to PETA and their ilk and it has nothing at all to do with protecting buyers and sellers.


Selling on Facebook will be a thing of the past. They are shutting down any type of animal group as fast as they can. Mods are booting people for asking for sale prices. PETA owns part of Facebook now.


The easy answer would have been: using the PM function to contact “sellers”,…but for some odd reason Facebook users only seem able enough to send nudes via PM. :crazy_face::wink:


What about MeWe? Is anyone using it to sell?

I tried using the MeWe app to establish a page there but kept getting messages from creepy men. So I stopped using it.

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