Falsies getting bigger!

Just wanted to show her off a bit, still no signs of hemipenes or pores! Shell be a year old july 16.

I did notice her sides have some light patterning! Shes darkening up from when she first arrived.

Definitely contemplating buying a scale, though she has gotten bigger.


Upon arrival:


Dont mind the thumb, cut it pretty good making supper today lol


She’s very pretty :black_heart:


@rigatoni Hey there! Great job with her! She is very pretty and looks very happy and comfortable with you! You seem to really care about your animals! :heart::lizard::snake:

I am sorry about your thumb too! I slammed and locked my car door on my little finger before going into the movie theater this afternoon! The nice man at the ticket counter gave me a bag of ice with my popcorn and coke order! Lol!

Best regards to you and your critters!! :pray::blush:

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Nice! Not nice about your thumb though :face_with_head_bandage: