Favorite Reptile Experiences

What are some of your favorite experiences that you’ve had with reptiles? An experience can be as small as a single reptile you held at an expo once to a job you had working with reptiles. My favorite experience was the time I volunteered at a reptile rescue. Here are some photos I found from that. Sorry for there being so many photos :sweat_smile: I loved volunteering there, and I especially loved their black and white tegu, Conan, which I sadly don’t have any photos of, but it was also tough, because I had to see lots of sick and injured animals.


I also don’t have any pics of their boa, which was, and still is one of my favorite snakes I’ve ever gotten to work with. Sorry @lumpy

It is alright @garciademueller! I will say that getting Kai was the best thing ever, for me. It was so much time asking for and wish for a pet snake. Now I am going to breed boas, it still rocks my world. I still cry like real heart cry when I think about when I found out that Kai tests came back negative. When the gift that was going to slip away is given back, it truly changes the whole experience there after.

Oh that poor Chameleon!
I’m glad there’s rescues that will help them, how people can let them get into that state is beyond me…

That Blue Tongue is wearing a knitted jumper from Grandma :joy::heavy_heart_exclamation:

That’s a hard choice. There are so many great reptile experiences, for which I’m thankful. I don’t have a picture, but I do have a vivid memory of the first time a student who had “always been scared to death of any snake” actually held a corn snake for the first time. The snake was a classroom pet. It took her most of a grading period to get up the nerve to touch him, but only a couple of weeks to process to holding him. The look of wonder on her face was a beautiful thing.

He totally was :joy: He arrived to us with stuck shed, and was being kept in a dust covered 20 gallon tank with newspaper substrate and a small water bowl. It was so sad. We cleaned him up a bit, put him through a quarantine period, and then got him in a suitable enclosure (which I designed actually). Not sure if he was CB or WC, but he was pretty tame, even when we were getting the shed off him, so he might have been captive bred.

This is a wonderful topic idea. There’s so much negativity in the world, and so many very real stressors. You have given us a nudge to remember good things. Most of us could do more of that, and less complaining. I know I should! So, thanks!

Thank you so much! I’m so glad that you like the topic.

One thing I certainly remember from my time at the rescue was that we had the biggest ball python I’d ever seen! That animal was upwards of five feet, maybe even six. You might expect this from a female, but he was a male!