Feature Request: "Buyer Profiles" [#950]

Not sure how exactly to name this, but I would really like a way for me to easily get more information about a buyer. I would like to be able to view information like overall experience level, maybe a list of species the buyer is familiar with/owns, how long they have owned reptiles, etc. I try to vet my buyers to make sure I’m not just sending off animals to people who shouldn’t have them or just need to do more research. Of course it would be relying on people filling out this profile honestly, but everytime I get an inquiry I always wish I had more readily available information without needing to ask the buyer’s whole life story.


To a degree we already have a buyer profile. Just click on their username in MorphMarket Messenger.

But this is a place we would like to expand on.

Let’s get some ideas flowing and look at it from both a buyer and a seller’s perspective.

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Thank you for the reply! I do check the profiles that MM currently has, it seems I have been unlucky in that most buyers so far only have a name and email there usually. Anything to expand on it would be nice!


Out of curiosity, as a buyer can you see your own ratings? I also know their are stats about whether you talk to sellers after messaging them. I like to keep track of my reputation so if theres something im doing wrong i can fix it, but so far as i know, there is no way to see your own buyer reviews.


I personally would love if there was more people that used the features that are already there. I mean media presence is crucial. When I start to sell, I am making sure to link my community profile because it would allow people to see me in a different light then just a seller.

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I think that this would benefit both the seller and the buyer. Of course, people could use this to falsely present themselves to buyers. But that is a worry with buying anything.

100%, thats kind of why i stopped lurking xD. Ive still been around the past year, have just been silent. But once i have things to sell, who is going to trust a no name claiming to have rare animals? I wouldnt trust me in that scenerio haha.

However, i dont want to diverge too far from the OPs post. So i suppose the simple suggestion is id like to see a way for buyers to see their own stats and reputation. Im sure its not available to prevent drama, but its a bit unfair that sellers can see what a buyer says about them, but not vice versa. I feel buyers would build their profiles up more if they could see their reputation since sellers such as the OP could leave them comments about why they may not have chosen to sell to them, or why they would not sell to them again. This type of constructive feedback could help buyers work on their act so to speak as well as learn how to better represent themselves and what breeders expect of them.

Well at least for me, seeing how people conduct themselves in more general discussions, is very important. I feel learning who you are buying from is a crucial part of believing them. My first boa project is a rare triple/quad recessive, but the posts and topics will be there as my breeders growing, breeding, and having the babies born.

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Is it possible to link the profile to the forum and have some of the topics started by/contributed to by the user populated within their MM profile? Like the random threads that populate the main splash page or the species specific threads that populate the species tabs?

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We actually do this with sellers profiles already, so I don’t see why there would be any issue doing it with buyers also.

Here’s yours…


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