Feeding Frequency and Feeding Response Ad Field

I feel that it should an option that feeding frequency is a thing that sellers could fill-in. But more importantly I feel like the feeding response maybe should be just recorded and should be available for buyers because most breeders and sellers record how good the feeding response of an animal is. I’m only suggesting this because I have heard and witnessed sellers still trying to sell animals that are regularly weak feeders without saying that they are.

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I would just ask the breeder for feeding records on an animal you were interested in. It will tell you a lot about their husbandry as well as answering any questions you may have about the animal’s feeding.


Exactly. Most breeders fill in any extra info in the description part or you can just ask. I do think that you can have too much info because once that happens it sometimes feels like you are being bombarded with information which is honestly a turn off for me with some independent breeders sites.

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Thanks for the reply
I get that I can just ask…I just wanted to know.
It could be like an optional thing like how sometimes they will put the animals weight. Definitely not a requirement or needed information to sell.