Feeding Issues

Do you have to have heating pads for ball pythons, I am in South Africa and currently in the middle of winter, our temperatures vary from 4 C night and up to 26 C day time. My house is very cold in winter, average 15 C day?

We have 2 young ±1 year old babies and were feeding frozen rat babies but we have been battling to get them to eat. We tried live mice over the weekend and they both were very animated and ate well. However they both regurgitated the mice. I want to continue with frozen, I do not want to risk harming my baby.

Do I also need to spray my baby with these low temps?

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In my opinon Ball Pythons always need belly heat to digest meals,if not they will likely not eat regards Tony


I am sure that ball pythons all over the world would need the same habit in order to survive. I would definitely use heat pad (under the tank, not inside) and place it more to one side so you have a hot and cool side. Set it to around 30c surface temperature. Then give them a week to adjust before feeding again.