Feeding pregnant ball python?

Hey Guys! So my girl is getting pretty far along. I’m pretty sure she will lay her eggs within a month or so. Her pre egg she’d puts it in about 3 weeks. My question is do I keep feeding her? She is at the point where I can start to notice the eggs buldging her sides out a little. Aka she got baby bumps haha🤣. So do I feed her? In the beginning she at large rats, now she is on med rats. Any help is much apreciated


Congrats on a upcoming clutch! In my experience she won’t eat even if offered if she is so far along. Sometimes mine would show interest when I was feeding the other snakes, so would offer a small meal but never had one actually grab and wrap, just the getaway from me strike. I have heard people trying to feed small meals, like if she was on large go to small rats, but again that is earlier on, not when they are so close to dropping. Just let her lay and get ready to take pics!


Sounds good. I was curious because she Is showing sign that she want to be fed but maybe I’ll just wait and be safe