Feeding Wall

Researching a lot about feeding walls. My entire female collection with the exception of 3 girls is not feeding. Some appear to be eating once every four months. Just don’t get it!

I breed my own rats.

Any suggestions?

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My largest girl was at 900G or so December 1st…been really inconsistent since winter started with feeding. She broke a 4 week feeding strike last Saturday so I hope she’s going to go back on feed consistently. At least one maybe 2 of my other girls passed her last month and she lost like 60-70G. Looking a bit skinny I really hope she picks up.

Another one of mine now Doesn’t eat off tongs anymore…only eats if I leave the rat in front of her hide and close up her cage.

Other 3 are the eating like crazy tho. (And also I haven’t really tried anything exotic offering wise so far. )

How’s everyone else doing with feeding over winter?

Unusual developments here too. Two of my 3 pythons are feeding as usual, but the biggest one- and the one that’s usually the most voracious, to the point where he can be tricky to handle because he thinks anything warm could be food- has refused twice in a row now. He comes out and smells the food, looks like he wants it, but won’t strike at it. Acts afraid of it. Won’t eat it even if I leave it in there with him overnight.

I’ve had him over 6 years and he’s very, very seldom refused a meal. It’s odd for sure.

Yep similar here the ones that have been refusing usually act somewhat interested but won’t take it. I’m glad the one at least has started consistently taking food if I leave it there. But the other never does. Smh. I’m ready for spring :slight_smile:

I have one female that’s been super finicky with food, my proven het albino girl. She’s eaten maybe twice since I got her back in October of last year.

She also had just laid a clutch, so I’m wondering if the previous breeder had even reestablished her on food before selling her. The other snake I got along with her is a single gene spider, and she’s eaten for me consistently as soon as I offered the first time…
I did get the both of them for like $300 total so I think it was a smokin deal, just wish the other girl would start eating more lmao

ALL my other snakes eat just fine, even the pewter girl I just got in the mail the other day (in fact, she took two rats!)