Feeling only 1 Follicle?

My female Bp has been off food for about 2 months. Always on cool side of tub. I’m new to palpating but when I do all I feel is one pretty noticeable lump at the end of her mid section I’d say about 6-8 inches after the vent. Idk if that’s a follicle or do all bps have a lump there. And is it possible to only feel one follicle? What are your thoughts ?

Going to rub the lamp to summon @stewart_reptiles! Never experienced anything like this but I’m sure she can help.


Palpating is really a matter of being used to, and developing a feel for it, in my experience it is not unusual to see someone new feeling one or two follicles but not feeling the rest.

Good news is you can still “read” your female without mastering that part and know where she stands based on behavior and physical changes.


Yea your right I kept doing it and I think I feel more now. It’s just that one at the end is very lumpy and obvious compared to the other ones.

It could also be several gathered in the same spot — my spider female who just laid, I thought she had only 8-9 follicles, and I wasn’t too sure on that number because some seemed “bigger” than the others… turns out, she ended up laying a nice 10 egg clutch for me.

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