Female ball python nesting

At around what point do females start to nest because mine was paired and seems to be nesting but it has not been that long

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After ovulation generally. Until then they tend to do a lot of cooling (bowl wrapping) while building.


That’s what I thought, But…

I have one that I believe is due very soon, Following her last shed, her shape has changed from round cross section to spinal ridge with a flattened shape and with wide bulges either side. (also not eaten for 3 months but still fat and bulging at the sides.)
She has never nested, although other have, and some before ovulation as its months since some of those wrapped.
So I would ask, is it as variable as it seems to me with my limited experience?

It’s possible I suppose… if they think it’s cooler but still quite warm up front they may not nest over a hotspot. What is the ambient temps?

I keep my breeding females a bit cooler to protect sperm at 30.5 C / 87 F
So on a hot day or when the heating of the house is on, it might well be a bit warmer at the front

87 is quite high… I keep my ambient around 75-80 (hot days it may get a few degrees warmer) and a hotspot of 90. I would turn their ambient down a bit if poss.

No, That’s the breeding hot spot 30.5 C / 87 F. is that wrong? Ambient is cooler like yours except for really hot days.
Its like your temps at non breeding times.

Ok. No that’s fine then. I originally asked about ambient temps. No worries. That is fine.

Thanks for the reassurance. I was not sure about my temps

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