Female breeding

When a female is ready again to pair with a male, after laid eggs?

Do you mean when is a female ready to be paired up with the male after laying eggs? If so I would say it’s probably smart that there’s a decent break because the amount of stress that it puts on their bodies. Not to mention the possibility of weight loss. Most people that breed, breed their females once a year for two years then take a year off and then continue that cycle. But then again there are people that breed their females every year. So overall, I would say just give them a decent break for their bodies and to gain some weight.

By “breed” I mean that they produce eggs or slugs


A lot of factors come into play here. First is her health she needs to be at weight like she was before she laid eggs. I start pairing them in the same month I started the year before. Some females won’t lay back to back years no matter what you do. Your main concern here is the females health. If she’s on weight healthy with no issues start pairing her around the same time you did last year. Ball pythons don’t double clutch so no matter what you do she will only lay once a year. And I work on the schedule Riley mentioned 2 years on 1 year off.


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