Finally introducing myself

Hi everyone. I’ve been on the forum for a while and never got around to introducing myself. My name is Dorian and I’m from NC. I have a small collection of ball pythons that seems to be growing by the week at this point :joy:. I’m happy to be here and look forward to building relationships in the hobby/community. Have a great day!


Hi Dorian :blush:
I’ve seen you username pop up a few time :grin:

Any chance we can see that collection?

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If I must…

Enchi YB Spotnose Het Clown

Black Pastel Special

Leopard Het Grail

Blackhead Het Lavender Albino Pos Het Pied

Pastel Het Clown (best pic I have, she does not cooperate lol)

Banana Het Pied


Welcome to the community @dorian on the posting side, ha-ha.
I love your collection! Your blackhead is stunning :fire:

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Thanks @annakirby, she’s definitely going to be here for a LONG time lol.

Welcome to the community

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Hey :wave: I’m in NC as well! See you around

Really nice leopard! I don’t keep bps but those are one of my favorite morphs. Clean and bold with a weird pattern- very nice

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Thank you! She is pretty awesome, loves to eat :joy:

Welcome buddy. Gorgeous collection there mate :v:

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Thank ya sir!