Find the difference

Hi guys what is the difference between Desert ghost and Sahara gene? I thanks

Here’s some info… personally if I had to take a guess I’d wager they prove to be the same, or like BC says at least allelic.


It is still interesting that closely related genes or different lines of the same thing have very drastic price differences. Mary from wreckroomsnakes mentioned on a different post that cinder and mahogany are the same thing yet cinder is going for a couple grand while mahogany is just a couple hundred bucks.


Could be like banana\coral glow? I mean… Same gene different name?

Here are a few short threads/quotes related to it:
NERD line Desert Ghost

@owalreptiles and @t_h_wyman will likely be able to chip in some thoughts.


I have heard it said that Sahara and DG are compatible and I have also heard it said that they are incompatible.

The alleged breeding that “proved” them compatible was, I was told, a visual DG x het Sahara

The alleged breeding that “proved” them incompatible was, I was told, a het DG x het Sahara.

Honestly, the best test would be a visual x visual but no one seems to want to commit to that.

My personal suspicion is that they are compatible and that the sketchy history behind the Sahara is still clinging to it to make it seem like it is more special than it really is. But again, that is just my personal belief