First '21 clutch has shed out!

All 11 babies from my first '21 clutch have had their first sheds! If anyone can tell me which are probably Sulfur and which are probably Vanilla then it would be appreciated! I was taking individual pictures at first, but then decided that group pictures would be better at first since there are so many babies and then I can take individual photos if I need to. The pairing was a Super Pastel 66% het Clown x Mojave Vanilla Sulfur, and I seem to have gotten 5 Pastel Sulfur/Vanillas and 6 Pastave Sulfur/Vanillas.

I feel like the ones with the really blushed out heads are Vanillas but I’m not sure, especially on the Pastaves. They are definitely all cuties though, and some of them are quite feisty lol


Some people may tell you that they can totally tell a newly hatched Sulfur from a newly hatched Vanilla, but in my opinion, they can’t reliably be told apart at that age, if ever. I would never feel confident enough in an identification of such similar, allelic morphs, not enough to sell them as one or another. Personally, I’d label all the hatchlings as Sulfur/Vanilla. This is doubly true when you factor in the addition of more genes such as Mojave and Pastel.


I would still sell them all as Sulfur/Vanilla, I would never sell a snake as a certain gene when I can’t be certain if it has that gene or not, but I don’t know if it is really impossible to not tell them apart if you work with the genes long enough. You can definitely tell that these babies have different looks to them despite having the same genetics, I could be wrong though and it’s just genetic variation. I’d have to hold back a bunch of babies and breed them to find out for sure, but I don’t have the space for that right now.