First Attempted Purchase on MorphMarket


I’m wondering if I did something wrong. I’ve only ever purchased reptiles at expos when buying from breeders but with the local expos on hiatus I decided to purchase via MorphMarket for the first time.

I found a snake I wanted and sent an inquiry, the seller responded with their payment methods (including paypal) and I replied I could pay with paypal and then the seller just closed the inquiry without saying anything else and I’m not sure what I did. I’ve never done this before so I’m wondering if there is some etiquette I missed out on that upset the seller?

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It may be a case of the seller being just as new to the market as yourself and maybe misclicked… Try sending another message to them.

It could also be that they sold it to another buyer before you got around to payment. Due to the amount of ghost buyers most sellers work on a “first to pay” basis.


They actually just sent me another message it was an accident! Thank you for replying haha



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