First clutch advice

So incubating my first clutch of 10 eggs. Day 54 notice one egg was getting some mold. Candles it and didn’t notice any veins. Day 57 today I cut it and it was dead. i am totally sickened and keep thinking what i did wrong. All other look good and now thinking of i should slit the rest open?


Eggs go bad, it happens, not every baby makes it to hatching. If your temperatures are fine and the remaining eggs look fine, just leave them be. If you cut them and the rest aren’t ready, you stand the risk of losing more.


This season I’ve lost three eggs during incubation and had a stillborn baby in a clutch that had just started hatching.

It happens, not all are meant to be. It’s an unfortunate part of breeding.

As mentioned, as long as your temps/humidity are where they should be and the other eggs look good, then just leave them be and be patient.
I’d wait until at least one pips on its own before you consider cutting the other eggs, for the safest outcome. Cutting too early can cause more problems.