First Clutch...Need Help...Eggs changing

Please help. I have my first clutch in my incubator since the 18th August. Temperature is constant at 31.1 degrees Celcuis. The humidity is good as well. The eggs however are changing, getting spots, and the one egg suddenly has like a dimple in it. Any advice, what am I doing wrong? See the pics of when they were laid and now

Your eggs are fine some eggs will just change throughout incubation, as long as there are no wet spot or mold they are fine.

My advice is leave them alone checking on eggs, opening the egg box is just counter productive and will lower humidity which will in turn dry your eggs.


Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. There are no wet spots or any mould. I think I am just nervous because I built my own incubator. It is holding temps fine and the humidity is great.
Was also worried as I have six clutches due in the next two weeks.

Thank you so so much, you have really put my mind at ease.

I will also leave the eggs to incubate and not check on them anymore.
Will keep everyone updated on the progress.
Once again, thank you!


Any updates?

Yeah, all the eggs hatched fine…whoop whoop

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Do you have pics of the babies?

My apologies, yes of course, they are quite big already.