First clutch! Need help

Hello this is my first clutch the pairing was a male black pastel Mojave ghost to a female black pastel. First year breeding for both. I’m having a little with identifying the babies seems like there is some more variation in the genes that I was ready for. But I’m pretty positive one of the snakes in the picture is a black pastel Mojave 100% het ghost but the other one is so different. Please help


You are correct those are black magic, and yes there are variation in mutation as well as their combos even within the same clutch.


I agree, both definitely black magic’s. No 2 ways about it.
Beautiful beautiful snakes, congratulations!


And all these are Mojave?


Yep it appears to be a trio of some beautiful mojave babies! The middle one seems especially dark but that is most likely to just be individual variation.


Yep all mojave in that picture. The top one looks a little different, but could just be the picture.
Nice first clutch for sure.


You got some beutiful healthy looking babies, im happy to know your first clutch hatched well. :blush:

Was wondering if black pastels are known to have “busy belly’s” here’s a baby black pastel het ghost but has a cool belly. The mother black pastel also has a crazy belly. Here’s a pick of the babies belly