First clutch

Got my first clutch of the year. Momma is a Normal + 100% het Amelanistic. Dad is Amelanistic. She had 25 good and only 3 bad eggs. They are in the incubator and hoping for the best as this is my first clutch ever.


Congrats! That’s a big clutch.

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Thanks. The next girl in line should lay any day now and from the looks of her she has a monster clutch coming. She is Amelanistic, Anerythristic and was paired with the same Amelanistic male. Don’t know what the record clutch is but the next one may either break it or she has some really big eggs in her.


After that will be 3 or 4 more weeks, then a clutch of Sunrise and a few days apart will be a Reverse Okeetee clutch. If the next one has as big or bigger clutch as this one i’m gonna need another incubator.


Nice big clutch, happy eggs day :smile:

Second female that was huge only laid 5 eggs. The eggs were really big and healthy looking though. It took her 24 hrs to lay. I guess this was her first clutch. Anyway that makes 30 healthy eggs for the year with 2 more females still gravid and also 2 gravid garter snakes still to go. Not bad for a first year.