First Ever Clutch Laid

So I wake up this morning and as is always the case, I go and inspect all of my Ball Pythons. All of a sudden a strike against the tub from one of my girls.

To my great surprise “Medusa” is coiled around her 5 beautiful eggs, and not happy to see me at all. According to my calculations she is 6 days early…absolutely no complaints from me!

It is her first clutch and I am suuuuper excited.

The pairing is Leopard Spider x Cinnamon Pastel.

Will keep everyone updated as we go along, have another 6 girls that should be laying from the weekend onwards.


Good job that breeding is going well for you!!! It is a joy that I can’t experience right now

Yeah, I am very happy. Been a long road to get here, I wanted everything to be perfect.