First ever clutch!

So all fall I paired my Banana enchi butter pastel male to my Normal female and she laid 9 good eggs back on Feb 21st. 52 days later I had little heads sticking out! I hit really good odds with 0 normals, I believe I have 1 enchi, bananas, butter pastels, butters and a few others. I am waiting for them to shed to ID them but figured I would share some pictures! Might need help ID’ing a few.


That’s awesome! Congratulations! Some nice looking babies there!


That’s awesome!!! Congratulations nice little baby pile you have! And welcome to the community! Be sure to post some pictures after they shed!


Deff will! I have been reading alot but finally decided to post! I will post some pictures when they shed, hopefully in a few days since they are in blue now! Thanks tho! Im very happy with these little guys

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Awesome clutch! Beautiful babies!

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Beautiful! Keep us all updated with pics! :heart:

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Nice clutch for your 1st, congrats. Looks like I see a couple pastel butters, enchi, pastel butter enchi and a couple of the bananas have pastel too. Easier to tell after 1st shed.

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Its such a thrill to find eggs and another one to see them hatching. Congrats :+1:

Welcome to the community, keep us updated

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Thanks everyone! Ive owned snakes for 16 years, have 3 retics, 2 burms and a few ball pythons. But nothing beat seeing those little guys sticking their heads out of the eggs! I will keep you guys updated once they shed, I appreciate the responses!


So 6 have shed out! So the first two are bananas, the next two, I see a pastel butter and a butter. And the last two I see an enchi and a pastel butter enchi?


Congrats! !!

Thank you! Does anyone see pastels in the bananas?

This guy just shed, thinking banana butter?


Bananas are hard to tell from photos but I was thinking they could have pastel. I agree with the others. Very nice

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Oh no they’re pretty D8 (as in, oh no I want them all)

The father is stunning though!

A little update of them after they shed!


Really beautiful clutch. Congrats!


Wow :flushed:
They are a wonderful beautiful pile of snake babies

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Awesome! congrats!

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