First Experience Culling Hatchlings?

While it’s likely going to be a long time before I can even start to breed snakes like I want to, I know sometimes there are hatchlings who get the short end of the stick, and come out with a deformity or hatch not developed all the way, and the only option is to cull/euthanize them.

I honestly wouldn’t know how to react to this kind of a situation for the first time, especially with how squeamish I tend to be around blood and medical issues.

So how do you react? How do you get over the squeamishness or emotion that comes with having to cull a hatchling? Especially for the first time

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If you are not sure you can handle the bad side of breeding, then you may need to consider whether you are actually ready for breeding.

I do not mean to sound harsh when I say this so please do not think I am picking on you directly.

This is one of those truths about breeding that all too often gets overlooked when people get excited about breeding and jump in with both feet (the other big one is making sure you are ready to keep everything you produce because there is no guarantee you are going to sell it all immediately)


I totally agree here. Speaking from experience I found culling hatchlings to be incredibly difficult.

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