First Holdbacks Ever!

First breeding season ever! 2 clutches, and 8 healthy babies. I am holding back 1.0 Black Pastel Banana het Clown and 0.1 Black Pastel het Clown.

Other fun hatchlings in the clutches that went to my collaborator:


I can see why you held the first two back, they’re phenomenal!
Are you aiming for banana black pastel clowns then?

Also, what’s the morph of the third snake pic?
They’re so pretty, all of them are, but who, I really like that one.

That last one is just purple! Can you imagine if it was just completely purple? Sorry my thoughts go there because I love patternless morphs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Yes! Black Pastel Banana Clown combos are my goal! :smiley:
A pure purple snake would be awesome! I imagine adding GStripe would get you close!
The last snake is a Banana Black Pastel pos. Leopard het Pied.

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