First sheds for clutch 3 of '21

Got some really neat looking hatchlings from my latest clutch. Pairing was a Calico Enchi x Banana Super Cinnamon and Pastel Chocolate DG Hypo, and got babies from both dads.
These 2 came from the Banana Super Cinnamon:

And these 5 came from the Pastel Chocolate DG Hypo:

The ones from the Banana are obviously Cinnamons (though very nice examples, and both are females since they came from a male-maker), but the ones from the DG have me kinda stumped (except for the Pastel Enchi, I don’t need help for that one lol). I can easily see Pastel and Calico, and I think that they all have Chocolate? I’m not sure about the Enchi either, except for that last one, which definitely has it. In any case, they are double het for DG and Hypo, so I’m definitely not complaining.


Not a ball python guy but @titan42 can help or @saleengrinch