First Time Boa Owner with a Newb Question

Hey all! I finally decided to take a dive into Common Boa’s and decided to pick up this stud! He’s a 3 month old Lipstick Sunglow Jungle with a laundry list of other genes (he’s going to be a future breeder for sure!

Now, here’s my question. He just decided to go on a hunger strike after taking his first meal like a champ about 11 days ago. Husbandry is on point so are temperatures so I’m trying to figure out why he suddenly stopped eating his Rat Fuzzies.

It’s only been a few days so I’m not worried, what color would he change to near shed? I’m not sure if his eyes would blue due to his morph…


First, congrats on the new Boa. They are imo the best pet snake. Regarding what color he’ll turn when he goes blue, he’s more or less going to remain the same but look drabber. As far as hunger strikes go, 11 days isn’t a hunger strike. I usually don’t feed my Boas more than every 10-20 days as neonates up to sub adults, and then go to 3+ weeks between meals. They have a dramatically different digestive time table when compared to Ball Pythons, which can take in and process food into growth at an insane level.