First time breeding (combo)

Hi Morphmarket
im thinking about trying breeding, and is doing my last bit of research before im comfortable trying it out (will not stop learning after this tho :stuck_out_tongue: and all helpfull comments i will love)
okay but here goes.

i have a 0.1 Butter/Mojave and a 1.0 soulsucker im thinking of pairing up.
what are your comments. im thinking morph identification will be a pain with all the possible BEL combinations.
but it could give some nice babies.
thanks in advance

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When it comes to breeding always go for what you like. If you like BeL then go for BeLs. With that combo you are going to have a hard time telling if your BeL has hgw in it or not and what the genetics of the BeL are. Just be sure you take into consideration all lthe things the come with breeding as well. Do you have the time and money to provide proper care and setup for the babies once hatched, do you have a proper incubator, food supply? Breeding can be fun and frustrating all the same time. :grin:


Morph id may be difficult with the bel’s but I’ve noticed most people who inquire about them aren’t really interested the genes because more than likely it’s going to be a pet. I would totally agree with rackroomsnakes on everything, money is key though. If you don’t already have an incubator, hatchling rack, and a steady food source for your hatchlings I’d wait. You can build an incubator and hatchling rack fairly cheap if you wanted to save money, there are tons of diy videos on YouTube to give you step by step instructions. This is our first year breeding and we build our own incubator for under $140 and that includes the purchase of the beverage cooler. Just make sure you have the time and resources to dedicate to breeding. Good luck :grin:

thank you, everything is set and ready, i know about the cost and have friends that have been doing this a while. but i have decided to not go with this pairing.

I have people ID by using a black light to see the pattern and can ID from there. So maybe you can ID