First time maternal incubation

Well because of a lot of things going on early this year, I didn’t really pair any snakes until late in the season. I wasn’t too hopefully for eggs and didn’t think Id have any this year at all, but a couple females surprised me. That was awesome, but when I went to fire up the incubator, the probe wasn’t reading on the thermostat and the fans weren’t working. So having to order parts and being short on fixing time, seemed like a great time to have mom do what they already know how to do. They are about a week apart and eggs look great so far. Room is 86 degrees and 80% humidity. Both laid 2 eggs less than last year which I found interesting. Hopefully have some pictures of baby snakes crawling out of those coils in 2ish months.

Dinker Spider x Firefly, 4 eggs

Pastel TH Clown, Hypo, Pied x Pastel TH Clown, Hypo, Pied, 5 eggs


Good luck, especially with the triple het clutch!! I did maternal incubation a few years back with success and will probably let a female or two do it again next year if I’m lucky.