First year breeding and first clutch from this pairing

We had a clutch of seven snakes and I’ve been looking at pictures, but at this point I just feel confused. I tried popping the snakes tonight too and definitely need to practice that more. Any help you can provide would be great, especially if you explain what you are seeing to help me learn. Thank you!!!

The dad is an Orange Dream Fire 66% het clown and the mom is Super Pastel Enchi Butter.


Just guesses…

  1. Pastel OD Fire Enchi Butter
  2. OD Enchi Butter
  3. OD Fire Butter Pastel
  4. OD Butter Enchi
  5. Enchi
  6. Pastel Enchi
  7. OD Pastel Enchi

Super nice clutch!!! Number one is a stunner!!! I wish I could help you with identifying but orange Dream is imo one of the hardest genes to id. If your not proficient in sexing them I would highly recommend having someone do it for you. They would probably be willing to teach you. I’m terrible at it, I’ve hatched hundreds of snakes and still to this day I’m terrible at it.( got bad hands from my days as a boxer) I have a fellow breeder and good buddy of mine do it every time. Congratulations on your clutch definitely some quality looking hatchlings.


Are you sure mom is a super pastel. a few babies don’t look to have pastel?


I bought her from Morph Market and was told she was super pastel, but here is a picture of her.



From that head I would guess that she isn’t a super.


Thanks @eaglereptiles. Good to know. I guess the butter made her look light enough that I thought she was. Any guesses on the clutch babies?

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yep seems spot on! One of the harder morphs for me to identify is OD since sometimes it is very subtle but I would have to agree on the ones that have OD too.

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Thank you guys! I am still lost on identifying pastel, but I’ll keep looking at pictures and see if I can get better.

Seriously thank you for the help!


5 (not OD) and 7 (OD) here are really good ways to see OD.

Most genes show a gradient of colour on the alien heads, dark at the top → light at the bottom.

Add OD into the mix and you end up with a very flat colour (very minimal gradient)


If you tell me OD is in the parent then that’s what I look for… @stewart_reptiles will likely have better ways to tell.


Thank you @eaglereptiles. That helps clarify it for me and know what to start to look for in the babies.


What a nice clutch. Congrats. I am working on a similar project. Hope my babies look half that good.


Ah that’s a good way of telling OD apart from non OD!

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