Fish Category

So before we can even start trait lists, we need to work out how we structure such a deep category.

MorphMarket currently works on a 3 teir system.
Cat → Subcats → Tags

For example, Pythons → Ball Pythons → Banana

Tropical → Betta → Albino

Asking AI for the most commonly kept genera across the below categories gives us this:


  1. Carassius (Goldfish)
  2. Salvelinus (Char)
  3. Oncorhynchus (Salmon, including Rainbow Trout)
  4. Leuciscus (Dace, including Whitefish)
  5. Perca (Perch)
  6. Esox (Pike)
  7. Gasterosteus (Stickleback)
  8. Tinca (Tench)
  9. Pseudorasbora (False Rasbora)
  10. Phoxinus (Minnow)
  11. Misgurnus (Weather Loach)
  12. Cobitis (Spined Loach)
  13. Hemigrammus (Tetra)
  14. Notropis (Shiner)
  15. Barbus (Barb)
  16. Alburnus (Bleak)
  17. Pimephales (Fathead Minnow)
  18. Hypseleotris (Blue Eyes)
  19. Micropterus (Black Bass)
  20. Scardinius (Rudd)


  1. Betta (Betta splendens)
  2. Pterophyllum (Angelfish)
  3. Poecilia (Guppies, Mollies, Platies)
  4. Symphysodon (Discus Fish)
  5. Paracheirodon (Neon Tetra)
  6. Hyphessobrycon (Tetras)
  7. Xiphophorus (Swordtails)
  8. Corydoras (Corydoras Catfish)
  9. Apistogramma (Apistogramma Dwarf Cichlids)
  10. Trichogaster (Gouramis)
  11. Rasbora (Rasboras)
  12. Danio (Danios)
  13. Ancistrus (Bristlenose Plecos)
  14. Aphyosemion (Killifish)
  15. Puntius (Barbs)
  16. Colisa (Gouramis)
  17. Melanotaenia (Rainbowfish)
  18. Ctenopoma (Leaf Fish)
  19. Hemigrammus (Tetras)
  20. Chromobotia (Clown Loach)


  1. Amphiprion (Clownfish)
  2. Paracanthurus (Blue Tang)
  3. Zebrasoma (Tangs)
  4. Pomacanthus (Angelfish)
  5. Centropyge (Pygmy Angelfish)
  6. Acanthurus (Surgeonfish)
  7. Pseudochromis (Dottybacks)
  8. Gobiodon (Gobies)
  9. Chromis (Chromis)
  10. Sphaeramia (Firefish)
  11. Chaetodon (Butterflyfish)
  12. Pterois (Lionfish)
  13. Pseudanthias (Anthias)
  14. Synchiropus (Mandarinfish)
  15. Amphiprion (Clownfish)
  16. Zebrasoma (Tangs)
  17. Gobiodon (Gobies)
  18. Paracanthurus (Blue Tang)
  19. Centropyge (Pygmy Angelfish)
  20. Chromis (Chromis)

How would this work?

common families
  1. Cichlidae (Cichlids)
  2. Poeciliidae (Livebearers, including Guppies, Mollies, and Platies)
  3. Characidae (Characins, including Tetras)
  4. Cyprinidae (Cyprinids, including Barbs and Danios)
  5. Loricariidae (Catfish, including Plecos)
  6. Callichthyidae (Armored Catfish, including Corydoras)
  7. Osphronemidae (Gouramis)
  8. Belontiidae (Labyrinth Fish, including Bettas)
  9. Balitoridae (Hillstream Loaches)
  10. Pseudochromidae (Dottybacks)
  11. Pomacentridae (Damselfish)
  12. Acanthuridae (Tangs, Surgeonfish)
  13. Apistogrammatidae (Dwarf Cichlids)
  14. Synodontidae (Lizardfish)
  15. Melanotaeniidae (Rainbowfish)
  16. Gobiidae (Gobies)
  17. Serranidae (Groupers)
  18. Labridae (Wrasses)
  19. Sphaeramidae (Pufferfish)
  20. Balistidae (Triggerfish)
  21. Blenniidae (Blennies)
  22. Pimelodidae (Long-whiskered Catfish)
  23. Eleotridae (Sleeper Gobies)
  24. Ariidae (Sea Catfish)
  25. Sciaenidae (Drums, Croakers)
  26. Centrarchidae (Sunfish, including Bass)
  27. Cobitidae (Loaches)
  28. Pleuronectidae (Flatfish, including Flounders)
  29. Gasterosteidae (Sticklebacks)
  30. Helostomatidae (Kissing Gouramis)
  31. Tetraodontidae (Pufferfish)
  32. Channidae (Snakeheads)
  33. Hemichromis (Jewel Cichlids)
  34. Mugilidae (Mullets)
  35. Balitoridae (Hillstream Loaches)
  36. Trichogasteridae (Gouramis)
  37. Belontiidae (Giant Gouramis)
  38. Melanochromis (Mbuna Cichlids)
  39. Elassomatidae (Pygmy Sunfish)
  40. Botiidae (Loaches)
  41. Ctenoluciidae (Pike Characins)
  42. Notodontidae (Driftwood Catfish)
  43. Pimelodidae (Flat Whiskered Catfish)
  44. Gymnotidae (Naked-back Knifefish)
  45. Mastacembelidae (Spiny Eels)
  46. Xiphophoridae (Swordtails)
  47. Parodontidae (Parodontids)
  48. Monodactylidae (Monos)
  49. Tetraodontidae (Freshwater Pufferfish)
  50. Anabantidae (Anabantids, including Snakeheads and Gouramis)

I don’t know that some of the cold water fish should have categories. Trout, pike, etc. are all ‘game fish’ that I’ve only seen kept in tanks at zoos/aquariums. I feel like it might develop into a fish/seafood market. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: JK! Well… mostly kidding… I think?

Ooh! And I demand a category for pufferfish. Because pufferfish are awesome! :sunglasses:


Tetras should be a single category and key words/tags used to shrink the selection down. There are so few Paracheirodon commonly available the the category will have three species listed at most. Tetras should be treated much like rasbora (as most commonly available rasbora do not belong to the genus Rasbora).

Ancistrus, Parancistrus and similar could be grouped together as Suckermouth catfish. All Loricariidae could be lumped together seperated by the user by searching for the species specifically.

Not sure why Chromobotia would be a single category. Botia would be more appropriate to better capture the commonly available species. I would think Loaches would be most practical as this is most intuitive and would cover all available species ragardless of Genus (in the same fashion as Tetra or Rasbora).

Corydoras I think is great as a stand alone but will this include Aspidoras?

A category for leaf fishes is a waste. Odd balls (as we commonly call weird fishes in the UK) would better suit and could then capture eels, knifefishes and similar.

A catfishes category is needed to cover all non-sucker and non-corydoridinae cats.

If the market is large enough than Angels as a stand-alone I guess but what about all non-angel, non-Apisto cichlids?

I would think Flowerhorn deserves a category as the hobby-market place for such is huge and varied.

Swordtails should be lumped with mollies, guppies and such as Livebearers. This could then include the livebearing Goodeidae.

Gourami could be renamed Labyrinth fish to better collect common species together. Ctenopoma, Macropodus, Trichopodus, Trichogaster etc.


Marine fish looks fine although there are repeats of the same species.