Font not supported on very old OS/Browser [2459] [WONT FIX]

Anyone else really not a fan of the font change on the MM page? Mine is very hard to read and I just cant seem to adjust to it.

Wasnt sure if it was just me or if others are having the same issue.


Thank you for the feedback :blush:

We have recently updated the font to Google Outfit but just to be sure can you post a screen shot of what your seeing?

Also do you believe this is a issue with the functionality of the site of the font itself? It is small in some places.

Also does adjusting your screen zoom in your browser setting help at all?

@eaglereptiles I did try zooming in and it does not change it at all. I have taken a screenshot of it. It seems fine on my cell phone, but when I am on a computer is when I see the issues.


I’m not keen on the Comic Sans update either. Makes reading the text more difficult I find.

Jake, thanks for the feedback. While I like the new font I agree that it’s too thin or small on some pages, and these are fine-tuning adjustments that are easy for us to make and we are still making. There can be some differences between browsers we need to discover too.

However, from your screenshot looks like your browser is not finding the new font at all. What is displayed there is not what we intend. What browser are you using on your desktop?

So we have some kind of fundamental problem with the font not loading.

We have also redesigned the inventory page, and will be replacing it soon. But here is how the old one should be looking:

You can try the new inventory by pressing this button:

Here’s how it should look:

(Btw the font is Outfit if it’s loading properly, not Comic Sans.)


Thanks for the response John. Here is the screenshot that you were asking for. I am using firefox as my browser.

Jake, thank you. I assume this is Windows? Can you pull the Firefox version?

And can you give a screenshot of general search results, like this. This is how it looks for me in Firefox 95 on Macos.


Im not sure what you mean by pull the firefox version.

Here is the screenshot of a general search result.

Sorry, I said that in a weird way.

What version of Firefox are you using?

Here are instructions if you need them.

BTW I agree this looks very bad / is broken and we will figure this out. :slight_smile:


Also if anyone else is having the same problem please let us know what device, browser type & version you are using also. Thanks. Although hopefully this is a 1-fixes-all situation.

I am using firefox version 95.0.2

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Jake sorry to play 20 questions, but can you tell me what version of Windows you are using?

(I have been able to reproduce your issue with Windows 8.1 but version 10 looks good. So my suspicion is you’re on 8.1 or earlier, which is pretty old. Thanks.)

That seems to be the issue. It looks like I am using Windows 7. This is on my work computer where i spend most of my time on MM.

We do have to discontinue support at some point for older versions and even Windows 8.1 is 2013.

That being said, I tested various combinations and I did not see this problem with:

Windows 7 + Edge 96
Windows 7 + Chrome 96

Thus your easiest fix would be to install one of those browsers.

Alternativley, you can upgrade to Windows 10 or later and then Firefox works.

We are going to be updating out computers here at soon John. Thanks for all of the help!