Food Size - Young MBK

I have a 7 mo old Mexican Black Kingsnake who readily takes f/t pinkies from our tongs. We feed her one pinkie every five days or so. At ~18”, she doesn’t really show a bulge where the food is passing… Should I be bumping her up to fuzzies? Could I offer her two pinkies per feed instead? We still have a dozen left (we overbought?). The beardie eats them too, but the family objects…

I feed my snake of similar size a pinky rat once a week. So feeding 2 pinky mice wouldn’t be a problem at all. Generally you wanna feed a food item that is about the same thickness as your snake. Can get away with slightly bigger if you don’t want to feed quite as often.

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Thanks, Meerkat. Would I feed two pinkies per meal, or stick w one, but do so more often? Not trying to overfeed, of course. But I do want to keep her happy!

Well I mean she’s under a year. You could feed her two pinkies every 5 days without a worry. We did the same for the longest time plus feeding ours food when other babies didn’t eat. They make good garbage disposals.

Thanks for the help, @meerkatlyndz!

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