Forum Avatar Overlaps Message Button [FIXED]

I didn’t know if this is a bug or an intentional add in but the way the layering matches up it does kind of look a little bit off. @eaglereptiles

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:thinking: it looks like the profile picture is at 1.5x - 1.75x the usual size.
I’ll take a peek :blush: thank you Riley.

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I wonder if the OP has their browser zoom settings customized.

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Nope not at all, @john

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It this the same for you when you are using other themes?

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It seems better in that screenshot, as in it is not covering the message button.

It is designed to hang over the top a little but I should be able to change that!.. Time for me to learn something new :wink:


It seems it only looks like that because you have your profile thing filled in a lot. Here I just took a screenshot

Here is yours now

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So a update on this…
Myself and @lumpy spend a lot of time going back and forth to find the issue.

It was the social links that caused the problem…

With a little bit of fiddling with the padding, we were able to fix this!

Please let me know if you see any issues still.

Just incase anyone ever needs the same fix

.iconic-user-fields {
padding-bottom: 0 !important;
#user-card {
.usercard-controls {
margin-top: 1em !important;

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