Frogs for sale on MorphMarket? [DONE]

Do you think that there will ever be a frogs section on MorphMarket? I have fallen in love with Reed Frogs, but other than this website, I am weary of purchasing animals online.

And… Do you think there will be additional issues buying/selling/shipping amphibians as opposed to reptiles?

That would be a possibility I’m sure, although I don’t know how many breeders do amphibians. The shipping would be more difficult, because They have to be kept much more moist. If you would like to purchase frogs, JaysFrogs is trustworthy from what I’ve heard.


I am sure it is on @john VERY long to do list since he is talking about frogs categories here Major amphibian categories?


I want to see frogs and toads category

Hey guys, amphibians are near the top of my very long list. :wink:

Closing this thread as it’s basically duplicating the one Deb mentioned above.


This is done and released.

Future requests should be new topics.