Frozen/Thawed Rats + Power outage

Hi all. Quick question. I live in the midwest and we’ve had a lot of snow lately. It ended up causing a power outage yesterday for a few hours. I went to pull some f/t rats last night and set them out in the fridge for my weekly feeding tonight and noticed, they’re not completely frozen. Are these rats ruined now that they’ve thawed some, and will be refreezing? Thank you

I would base it on the level of thaw they reached. If the core remained frozen and only the limbs/tail/skin defrosted I wouldn’t be too worried about using them. But that is me personally. I know some people will toss them if they show any thawing.


is it not cold enough to put them in the snow?


LoL :joy: that is a great idea

Thanks for the responses all. I guess I could of put them in the snow but risk coyotes and other animals taking off with all of them. It turned out it wasn’t the power outage that caused the issue after all. The freezer went out!!! So all of my rats are ruined anyway.