Future Ball Python Owner

Hi! I’m currently doing my research on the proper care/ housing for my future ball python and I have a question for terrarium size. I’ve read that babies don’t feel comfortable with tanks that are too big. The tank I’m currently looking at now is 36x18x18 and I plan on doing a bioactive tank for her. Now my question is if I provided enough hideouts and fill the tank so it doesn’t seem so big could I start out a baby in a tank of that size? Of course as she gets bigger and bigger i’ll arrange her tank so it won’t be so crowded in there for her. Also is that a good size tank for an adult? I just want to make sure she has the room she needs since it will be the tank she’ll be living in for the rest of her life. Thanks for the help it’s much appreciated.

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If you are getting an hatchling start with a 10 gallons this will give you some insights on why you need to start small and why it is important