Future Projects

Hello! I was just curious how everyone goes about planning out their future breeding projects? I seem to just cruse MM for hours looking at all the available BPs and wonder what I could pair with my little ones.

I have a male pastel banana clown, and a female piebald. Both only a few months old. Been think of pair those two in 3-4 years from now for a bunch of double hets, and then possibly breed back to try for clown piebalds. Also thinking of getting a couple more females and just stumped on what would pair best with my male. One I liked so far is orange dream enchi possibilities, then I draw blank on other combos.

Personally I pick a goal, either one that has been already created or if I have an idea for a world’s first. Then figure out how to feasibly make it in either as few generations as possible or as affordably as possible (if you start with hets and single morphs, it will be cheaper but take longer, if you start with more complex morphs you might get there sooner, but it will be more expensive upfront). Then I make a shopping list of the snakes I need to get there and start buying. Females first, because they will take longer to get to breeding size.

I see people on my Facebook ball python group fall into into the trap of just buying random cheap morphs, and then asking “well what I can I make with this?”. I think it’s much better to plan first, buy second


Completely agree. That is something I am trying to do. I have some saved on MM, and I also have my Excel for my BPs where I keep their feed/weight info, and also have a wishlist page for goals. So far, it is clown piebalds, which I know is going to be roughly 6-8 years from now. I love clowns and piebalds, and the different beautiful combos that you can create with them. I want to get at least a het clown female soonish to raise up, just not sure what kind of combo goal I want. Seems to me though, that it is slim pickings on visual quality het clowns that are catching my eye that are within my budget, might just be the lighting used, I know pictures sometimes don’t catch the colors as well as what you would see in person. I am trying my best to not just buy any random cheap morphs like you state, because I would also like to try to hold back males in the future to also develop different piebalds as well. This is were I spend a lot of time just staring at different morphs, and using the calculator a lot.

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Personally, I think the best affordable gene with clown is spotnose. It seems like you could get a spotnose het clown female for $500 or less and raise her up to make banana spotnose clowns. I think I saw a female enchi spotnose het clown for around the same price, which adds even more possibilities.

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I think I know the one you are talking about. I know I have one saved on MM

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