G'day all (asplundii)

I see a lot of potential here, interested to see how this evolves.

Some of you probably know me, but for those that do not I am Travis, aka asplundii on most forums. Gene junkie by trade, herper by hobby. Most of my current breeding is ball pythons but I keep a variety of other common and not so common species as well.

Always interested in talking herps and/or genetics so feel free to drop me a line or drag me in to a thread if you want to chat




Your reputation precedes you as a seasoned forum veteran and a valuable contributor. Glad to have you here!


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Much appreciated sir!

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Glad to have you aboard Travis!

No mention of culinary enthusiast? Yeah I’ve seen those pictures.

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Asplundii, that is certainly a name I remember from the old BLBC times. Great to have you here!:+1:t2:


Most herp nerds are not that enthusiastic about the food pics… Except @Ebmorelia, he counts down the days until Carpet Fest knowing I am bringing pie LOL

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One of the biggest regrets when BBLC went down is I had no idea who you are outside of that forum, the amount of things I’ve wanted to go back to your opinion on so many topics so you can imagine my delight to see this thread the first time I log in.


So good to see the Asplundii name back on a forum :slight_smile:

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Well you have found me again so feel free to hit me up any time and I will be happy to chime in :+1:t4: :grin: