Genes that improve with age?

Hi all,
Just running through some possible options for projects and I’m looking for focus on genes that age well such as DG and ultramel are there any genes that stand out as enhancing the look of an adult?

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If you are working with DG I would recommend YB, Fire and OD.

Good luck buddy

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Hypo, Fire, Desert Ghost, True Ghost, and combos all improve with age.


Dont forget about Monarchs! They’re kinda like a new and improved version of Ultramel :).

If my goal was visual longevity I’d consider focusing on Monarchs and Desert Ghosts.

Don’t forget black axanthic. Starts out looking a regular axanthic and then ages into a jet black animal.


Candy/Candino IMO would be added to the list

A lot of this stuff depends on taste, but in my opinion I’d add Bamboo, and Blackhead towards the the top of my list. They changed a lot from when they were hatchlings, but I love to show them off still!

And while not so much the genes individually, but my 4 year old mystic potion still looks great too.