Genetics comparison across the species

Do you ever wonder how genetics apply to different species?

We often use the same labels between ball pythons, boas, and corn snakes. But often, the outcome and genetic makeup is very different.

For example, a hypo ball python, or a ghost, is genetically drastically different from a hypo boa. One is recessive, the other is co-dominant, respectively.

Dig a little deeper and wonder why T+ and T- albinos don’t always make sense. It seems clear-cut with ball pythons, but to me, blood pythons don’t! I can make some sense of it, but not to the point where I agree with the designations in place currently. Don’t even get me started on white/lavender/purple retics!

What’s a GHI boa gonna look like?

I’d mention banana boa but some folks are familiar with Ungaliophis :wink:

Corn snakes really got morphs going and you really have to wonder what the future has in store for us. Many of us sit and mentally calculate what happens when you combine genetics, but maybe sit back and think about what is yet to be discovered in single gene animals found in the wild.

I hope yet for a true leucistic boa, not one that may have black flecking. I dream of a T-positive Boelen’s python, in all its’ irridescent glory.

Dream a little. If conservation holds up through my lifetime, we have a lot more yet to see!

Post your dream morph that is yet to be discovered!

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If we’re talking about making a imaginary reptile up the this would be my dream snake.

And to answer your questions on genetics I’m gonna tag @t_h_wyman :grin:

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Bamboo super Enchi super Xtreme :laughing:

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My dream is banana super enchi axanthic pied. Not that much out of the question yet there has been no such snakes anywhere on the net yet. Oh and super cinnamon champagne ghost because hell yeah solid blue (gray) ball python!

I would recommend against a super cinnamon and instead suggest an abyss(suma GHI). Super cinnamon throws kinks a lot, and suma(super mahogany) isn’t known to suffer from any issues.

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@eaglereptiles Is that a GTP X Clown Enchi Calico combo…LOL

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You have summoned me?

What exactly do you need clarified here? All of these are rather strait-forward things, genetically speaking.

For example, the White/Lavender/Purple retics are basically the Albino/Candino/Candy ball pythons are basically the Kahl/Paradigm/BWCaramel boas

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