Genetics Question re; Spotnose/Cypress/Champagne

Genetics Question:
Spotnose, Cypress and Champagne - all have wobble stuff going on to some level. Super Cypress wobbles.
Spotnose/Champagne crosses have been done. They have a wobble.
Cypress/Spotnose combos have been done.
Has anyone crossed Cypress/Champagne? Lethal? Bad wobble? Normal wobble?

Now fast forward. If Champagne/Cypress is a workable combo -
Say I breed a snake that has spotnose and champagne to a snake that has Cypress.
Would getting all 3 genes in the baby be a possibility? Or would I be risking lethal babies? I would assume if a baby hit all 3 and wasn’t lethal then it would have a bad wobble. So I probably won’t go down that route but I’m curious as I’m napping out some future projects


Cypress champagne has been done. I don’t have any info as far as wobble on that. Imo cypress Champagne spotnose is a train wreck waiting to happen. I wouldn’t recommend it. As far as if it’s possible I guess it depends on who you ask. As some people are suggesting they are all allelic. I don’t personally think they are. So I believe yes you could do it. Would I do it? I would not.


That’s kind of where I was going with it. If they are allelic and say I bred champagne spotnose to something with cypress and it wasn’t possible to hit all 3 in a combo then it would be a pairing I could look at. If it was a possibility of hitting all 3 I would want to steer far away from it because like you said, train wreck. Just kind of contemplating pairings for a few years out.