Genex... would genex and blade be allelic?

I’m wondering if anyone has ever put these two together and if so do you have any pictures?

With blades sharpening quallities and the fact it removes the alien heads, comboed with genex which also sharpens and removes some alien heads and moves them, in theory you would end up with either a really sharp looking snake, or would they do something completely different? Would genex keep the odd alien head or would they be gone completely?

Hoping to find out next year if my female is ready :relaxed:

Does anyone have any genex combo photos in general? Would love to see the projects everyone is working on :relaxed:


I’ve never seen those two morphs together in the same snake, so it would be interesting to see what they look like


I suspect GeneX is polygenic while blade is a single gene mutation so I think it’s unlikely they could be allelic. Good idea for a combo regardless!