Getting Back into the Hobby after almost 20 years

About 20 years ago I enjoyed breeding and worked with mostly redtail boas and Burms. At this time there was only a few Boa Morphs and one of the rarest Burm morphs was the granite.

Obviously with an absences this long I am not surprised with how things have changed. However, it is exciting. I have been lurking in the shadows researching and learning and now I am about to start finding my first pair or even trio to get going.

I am going to start back in the Boa market and have started to settle in Aztec, Hypo, Jungle, and albino traits as my favorite.

Would love some suggestions or pointing to any great starter trios down that set if any one has something.

Otherwise I am piece milling a 1.2 trio together as best I can. The biggest struggle with so many names and people in the space is determining reputable breeders without discounting the young start ups. If anyone has some additional tricks or advice around that we are open to hearing it.

Thank you again for the warm welcome!!


Hi and welcome to our family @tweet14!
It is awesome that you are getting back in to the hobby. I am going to breed boas in the future, as my female Anery Sterling grows up I believe that I will be adding IMG, Albino, Hypo, Jungle, and Aztec to my project. I really want to produce the first Moonglow IMG Sterling, as I would think that they would be incredible. I really hope you enjoy here. Welcome again, plus here is a picture of my girl Willow and my pet-only Hypo named Kai.


That sterling is beautiful. I like the chaos from Aztecs, Jungles, and even moving into other patterns.

I think that would be a great IMG breed. I like what NERDs is doing with IMG Kahls. I was thinking about grabbing a baby one of those but not sure I want to go straight to the IMG.

I have picked out I think my male just waiting on the seller to reply. Fingers crossed.


Well, as a 18 year old, I have heavily invested into my breeding stock because quality is better then quantity. As years roll forward, I can definitely see wonderful things. IMG can do so much for so many combos, definitely worth getting into in my opinion.


That’s awesome, I’m excited for you! Welcome, I’m excited for a new member! You’ll love it here.

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Hi there. Huge welcome back to you. I got no relation to boas but any angle in the reptile hobby is Amazon. Glad to have you back and hope to see more of your work around the community :+1:t3:

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Welcome back fellow 2000’s boa breeder! I went by “TopNotchBoas” back in that time. If you spent any time in any of the active boa forums I’m sure we bumped into each other. The hobby has definitely grown quite a bit since then. I’m no longer active in the boa space so I can’t really give you any advice there except that I’m particularly fond of the blood combos and they seem to be well sought after still given the prices.

MorphMarket has a pretty solid review system to seek out reputable breeders. It’s also a good idea to look them up and see if they are active in other social media circles like Instagram, Facebook, and forums like this.

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Welcome back to the hobby. I am in a similar boat having been away for over 30 years. It’s pretty awesome to see the changes especially in genetics since we were away isn’t it? I was amazed when I found MorphMarket .

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Welcome to the forums and welcome back to the hobby! I’m not familiar with anything boa, but you seem like you’re already further then most with some of your choices already made :blush:

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That’s amazing that you’re getting back into the hobby! Since you’re looking for suggestions, I’d say leopard is a pretty hot project right now, so if you’re willing to invest a bit of money, I’d say that might be a good option. That would depend on whether or not you like the morph though. The albino leopards are SO cool, so that might be a good project.

Also, Leos have dwarf blood so it can make them more affordable to keep, just keep in mind that they can’t be over fed, as it can cause health issues.

I have enjoyed how much the overall information around genetics and genetic mapping has come in these years. I have enjoyed the calculator none of that even existed.

I feel like I heard that name but can’t be sure. What area of the country are you in?


We decided on two projects and picked up these combos

19’ Male Key West, Hypo, Arabesque, Albino SHarp
20’ Female Key west Hypo, Albino Sharp

The other pair are
'19 Male and Female Anery, Jungle, Ablino Sharp

Thinking about adding in a more traditional colored project like a Key West, Hypo, Striped Tail. I think breeding that would give some high reds and a clean pattern. I kinda want to see what some “Supers” without ALbino look like in this morph. If anyone has a lead on some that would build towards that.


I think for me its how popular it is that makes me want to try some less popular morphs and see if I can make something unique. I am seeing IMG and Motley combos everywhere.

I do think the IMG is a great looking animal, good luck.


I do like the leopard morphs looked at some but decided to hold off on that one. We bought a full rack system that with the animals we already have I had room for 4 new, and those are chosen. Maybe a second rack system later this year and start a few more projects.

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Oh yeah I remember when even NERDs was a young business trying to get established. I also remember when Albino Burms were rare! Hard to imagine that used to be the case.

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Hi and welcome.
I too have recently got back into the hobby after a brake of around the same time.
Breeding humans stopped me, but they have all grown up now and so I have a spare room (snake room) again :smiley: )
Yes things have changed a lot.
I am using questions here, youtube and studying MorphMarket marketplace to catch up.
We have a lot more resources now.


Haha I meant to say amazing, my autocorrect might think I shop there too much lol

I’m in Florida. Most of my activity was in forums though. I did regularly go to the Daytona show and Tinley once around that time.

You picked up some great animals! Key West project is great!

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Agreed. I got out of the hobby in 05. Got back in Jan 20. The changes that the internet brought are almost mind blowing. You can browse animals 24/7 that may have taken years to find while going to shows.