Getting into Breeding

Hi all.

My partner and I have decided that were going to start our breeding business next year but only as a hobby maximum of 2 clutches per female.

We have decided to breed the following:
StormFly our Hypo Translucent Female Bearded Dragon (to begin the process of breeding with)
Echo our RAPTOR Female Leopard Gecko
Harley our Orange Harlequin Male Crested Gecko

We have decided to start the process with Stormfly but are currently looking for a nice Male Citrus Tiger for her. The original plan was to eventually breed her to Rouge but unfortunately he passed away earlier this year

We’re have decided on a name for the business

JF Reptiles


Congrats on making the decision to breed. It’s very rewarding to see your own animals hatching. It’s also addicting, so I hope you’re able to stick to your plans.

For what it’s worth, when you breed your leopard gecko, be prepared for 8 clutches of 2 eggs each after the initial mating. Unless you’re going to throw away fertile eggs, the female will lay about that many clutches two eggs at a time.

Either way, enjoy it!

Erik Veach


Enjoy! You have some lovely reptiles it sounds like,
I breed Cresties myself and enjoy it a lot! Always a surprise :grin: The ‘2 clutches’ also won’t apply to Cresties haha, females can hold sperm for up to 3 years. And if your female does then you’ll have lots of babies! They usually lay from March-September/October. 2 eggs a month usually. So roughly 14/16 eggs a year.
Any pics of your lot? :blush::heart:


I would post some but I don’t have any on my phone :relaxed: tend to take all the reptile pictures on my partner’s phone as it’s got the better camera and he takes the better photos