Getting my first ball python

so I’m getting a ball python but i don’t exactly know how to comfortably move it into its new habbitat and keep it happy. any ideas?


We’re going to need a few details.

Is it a adult or baby?

Do you want to use a tank or tub?

Here are a few threads you can read through that will give you some of the basics husbandry issues and how to overcome them:

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New owner with non feeding hatchling, troubleshooting 101

How to Treat Stuck Shed

Using tags like #setups and #husbandry will lead you to threads where other discuss how they set up their own enclosures.

The most important thing you can do in terms of making life a lot easier for both yourself and your new buddy is to leave them alone for the first week or two. I know it is difficult, especially as it will be your first, but it will make the transition smoother.