Getting Rid of Smelly Waste

Agreed, but My doggie poop bags are too small. I use Bio compostable waste bags (also scented) and I dont spot clean but put everything in it including the substrate in it and disinfect the tub with beach. (Cheep thin bleach because the thick ones have other chemicals in them and are designed to not rinse off easy, as well as being more expensive, you have all heard the adds, keeps working after the flush)

Agreed, flagellates are a fear of mine. it can also be a sign of gastroenteritis, and other conditions.

Yes I do that too when needed, but also for lots of wet urates. Not only does that make the snake smell but its acid and can damage their skin over time, especially if your feeding wet soaked food which creates more liquid urates.

Yep, me too. my wife hates me trying to impose hospital level infection control procedures in our normal life. she is probably right.