Getting touchy

im not sure whats happend but for some reason when ever i put my hand in my bp’s rub hes coiling and going into a strike type of pose, he had a go at me a couple of times but im not sure why because he was fine then all of a sudden he turned really grouchy puffing him self up, hes only 3 months old could it be because he is still young and not used to being handled? his rub is perfect temp at both hot and cold sides, he is due to be fed on monday could that be another reason?

thanks in advance

Some ball pythons are just grouchy. Some grow out of it, some never do. As long as it’s eating, you are on the right track…you can work on handling to calm your ball python down

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any suggestions how to calm him down?

You will need to handle daily…however if the snake is not eating or stops eating then stop the daily handling. It just takes time and patience. If the snake eats give it at least 2-3 days before handling again

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so i feel abit happier as he has just took a feed but im not sure if a medium mouse is filling him up, should i try feeding him twice a week?

I don’t think I’d try feeding twice a week, maybe offer every 5 days. Then make sure not to handle him for a few days after eating, because you want to let them digest.

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so feed every 5 days? would it be worth trying a large mouse?

You should be feeding prey that is the size of the biggest part of their midsection, here’s a chart to give you some basic ideas. You can either try to feed bigger or more often.


So I decided to feed more often I’m going to feed him every 5 days as I weighed him yesterday and in a month he’s put 50g on, is that normal for a snake that’s 3 months old?

He seems thin too I never noticed before but you can feel his spine

If you think he’s thin, then switching to feeding every 5 days is a good start! I’m not sure how quickly they’re supposed to gain weight at that age/size but 50 grams doesn’t seem bad.