* Going to the Dark side*

Hi to all,
I’m fairly new at posting on the MM community and I would love to hear everyone’s opinion on this topic so feel free to chime in. I’m going to make this as short as possible. In recent years for Python Junkies we have mainly focused on producing clean, bright, and reduced patterned animals. Next year I would really like to focus on bringing in some DARKNESS to the collection! My goal is for a jet black ball python one day. What do you think are the best dark morphs to get me there? Pics are welcome of your Dark royals or your DREAM snake MUST be DARK. Thank you for your time :wink:


That’s a beautiful animal! Love me some BH :+1: Thank you for the pic


What is that slate gray pied? So beautiful

Very nice! Looks like some Suma and Mahogany Pieds, I believe some urban camo and sandblast pied stuff, and then a GHI of some sort. Excellent :ok_hand:

The morphs I’ve seen that make the most deep dark blacks are Blackhead and Acid/Confusion.

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Oh boy, i love that urban camo stuff… anyone in europe already working with these?

I will definitely have BH involved in some of the dark animals I hope to acquire. Maybe a Super BH Suma het Pied female would be a nice start.


The ingredients are there. Just a matter of time.