Good pairing?

I wanna get more educated in boa morphs since I’ll be breeding my girl when the time comes around. what would be a good pairing for her and what is my possible outcome? she is a het hypo albino khal I’m pretty sure. my wording might be possibly off

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I believe you mean to say a Hypo that is het for albino (kahl), I would breed her to a sunglow male which is homozygous hypo and albino (kahl) to get these results


that’s what I was thinking too! sunglows are one of my favs


Good suggestion!
I agree.
Anything albino.
Maybe an albino motley, arabesque, Aztec or whatever your favorite pattern morph is.


I agree breed her to an sunglow with any trait you like best. This way all the babies are 100% het for albino. Plus being both parents are hypo you should get some super hypo’s or super sunglow’s. Love having my male super sunglow. I can breed him to anything and all the babies come out hypo.

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I don’t know how much you are willing to invest into a male but you could get an IMG sunglow or IMG albino. Personally that is what I would do because IMG is fire and I don’t think the popularity is going to die down.